Our History

The Argosaronikos fish farms were founded in 1987 by Anastasios Raftopoulos.

Motivated by his love of the sea from then until the present day, the company has evolved into a modern, upstading facility which offers a hatchery, modern nursery facilities, feeding stations situated in the open sea, and a modern standardization and packaging unit.
Throughout the years, the company has held onto its principles, creating a unique course, sailing through the oceans of knowledge and development without forgetting its original principles of pride, quality and controlled output clean environment.

The company’ s facilities are situated on the historical island of Salamina.
Salamina was the home of the Omeric King Ajax of Telamon, and the tragedy poet evripides. It is also renowned for the bottle at sea in 480bc between the Greeks and the Persians.
Stopping the Persian Empire from invading Europe.
On the island there are two pine forests. Faneromeni on the North side of the island, and kanakia to the south wich ends on the beautiful clean beaches around the bay of Pirgiakoni.