ARGOSARONIKOS fish farms have
experience in the production of Maiatiko.

We export out products to the whole of europe and the world

  • Argosaronikos fish farming has been in operation since 1987
    focusing on the production of Mediterranean species
    of fish such as sea bream ,sea bass, meagre and the
    whole production is exported to European countries
    and the USA.

Μεσογειακό Μαγιάτικο

  • ARGOSARONIKOS fish farms are one of the pioneers in Europe for breeding greater Amberjack ,seriola dumerili ,starting in 2013. With our participation in the European research program DIVERSIFY we managed to put the first juvenile of Amberjack into the sea. We are proud that today we have a production of Amberjack in 10 and 15 kg packaging in the size of 2-3 kg


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