ARGOSARONIKOS fish farms have developed into a modern, vertically integrated unit; its services have been certified according to the international standard of GLOBAL GAP - ISO 9001 – HACCP and FRIEND OF THE SEA. Furthermore, strict control systems are followed at every stage of fish production and growth, while the Company has implemented a tracking system which ensures full traceability, as each fish is unique with its own identity. (Using a soft wear system : AQUANETIX).

In 2015-2016 Argosaronikos S.A. was audited by an independent certification body, according to GLOBAL GAP & Friend of the sea requirements, and it was found compliant with all the strict Friend of the sea criteria for sustainable aquaculture, GG- FRIEND OF THE SEA 2017.

An important aspect contributing to fish quality is the fish food used, which is selected on the basis of strict criteria to ensure consumers’ safety and health. The fish food used is certified in regard to European Legislation specifications and demands and all the suppliers are certify by Global Gap.

The fish of ARGOSARONIKOS fish farms stand out for their high nutritional value, their freshness and their excellent tasty.